Expert Guidance on Form I-751 and Removal of Conditions

For conditional residents who obtained their status through marriage, the Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, is a crucial step towards securing permanent residency in the United States. This process requires detailed documentation and timely submission to avoid the expiration of your conditional status. Our law firm provides expert legal guidance to help you navigate this complex procedure, whether it is a joint petition or a waiver of the joint filing requirement because the couple is no longer together to jointly sign (due to separation, divorce, or domestic violence or extreme cruelty, or where extreme hardship would result). We ensure that your petition is thoroughly prepared, demonstrating the authenticity of your marriage and meeting all necessary criteria set by the USCIS.

Personalized Assistance in Building a Strong Case

Every relationship and marriage history is unique, requiring a tailored approach when compiling the necessary evidence for Form I-751. Our experienced attorneys work closely with you to gather comprehensive documentation that supports your case, including joint financial records, affidavits from friends and family, and any other evidence that substantiates your ongoing marital union. We meticulously prepare your petition to address the specifics of your individual circumstances, aiming to streamline the process and minimize the likelihood of requests for additional evidence or interviews.

Dedicated Support Through the Entire Process

The journey to remove conditions on your residency can feel daunting, whether or not a waiver of the joint filing requirement is needed. For that reason, we provide end-to-end support, from the initial filing of Form I-751 to the final decision by USCIS or the Immigration Court. Our team will prepare you for any potential interviews and respond promptly to USCIS inquiries. Should complications arise, we are prepared to advocate on your behalf, ensuring that your rights are protected and working tirelessly towards a favorable resolution of your case.