Founded in 1980 by attorney Marc Van Der Hout, the firm of Van Der Hout LLP, has grown to become a nationally-recognized, full-service immigration law firm. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, we represent individuals, families, and employers across the country and around the globe in an extensive range of immigration and visa matters. 

As lawyers, we have litigated cases of national significance and are renowned for our ability to take on – and win – highly difficult and unusual cases. We have developed and managed robust, compliance-proof immigration programs for global companies, universities and small businesses, and we have crafted creative strategies to help individuals realize their immigration goals. The difference we make and the successes we have achieved are directly attributable to our commitment to legal excellence, detail-oriented work, and these principles: 

Proven Expertise

At Van Der Hout LLP, our combined attorney expertise spans decades, industries, and case types. Emphasizing excellence, we are thoughtful and practical problem solvers. We enjoy an impeccable reputation with the U.S. government, developed over many years, for exceptional legal work, backed up by a willingness and ability to litigate on behalf of clients where appropriate 

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to our firm. We are committed to: 

  • Attorney access and availability throughout the lifecycle of a case;  
  • Preparing high quality cases and securing favorable decisions in a timely, cost-effective manner; 
  • Developing strong client relationships built on open communication and trust;
  • Leveraging best-in-class, secure technology to enhance the client experience; and,
  • Offering reasonable attorney fees and cost predictability. 

Responsiveness And Sensitivity

Immigration law involves constant interaction with numerous government agencies and keeping abreast of rapidly changing laws and policies. Frustrating governmental delays are often unavoidable. Our goal is to minimize suspense and uncertainty through open and proactive communication with clients. This includes advising clients promptly of changes in the law that may affect their cases, and taking prompt and appropriate action to remediate any delays, including escalating cases in federal court when necessary. We are always available to respond to client inquiries and are sensitive to cultural diversity. 

Ethical Representation

Immigration cases require not only legal analysis, but also considerations of professional responsibility and ethics. Many of our clients operate in highly regulated industries.   As lawyers, we take an institutional perspective that emphasizes complianceWe do not use legal shortcuts that may benefit a particular case in the short term, but which may compromise the reputation of the firm or its clients in the long term 

Contacting Our Law Offices

At Van Der Hout LLP, we are committed to these priorities and to the continuous improvement of our legal services. We look forward to discussing your immigration-related concerns with you and to assisting you in any way we can. Call or contact us directly to schedule an appointment with one of experienced lawyers.