Zachary Nightingale participates in AILA Webinar on Immigration and Marijuana

Firm News

Zachary Nightingale, managing partner of Van Der Hout LLP, was honored to be able to participate in the web-based virtual seminar produced by AILA on April 18,2024, entitled “Marijuana-Related Deportability and Inadmissibility Issues”. Speaking along with other AILA member experts Mary Kramer, Mary Foden, and Heather Segal, the panel presented up to date and cutting-edge information about the impacts of prior use and possession of cannabis on non-citizens, both inside the U.S. (where it remains illegal under federal U.S.) and in other country (where in some cases like Canada, it has no longer been illegal since a specific date), as well as implications for those non-citizens who work in the cannabis industry (again both inside and outside the U.S.).

The complicated overlap of immigration law and criminal law is one of Zachary Nightingale’s specialties, and particularly, the incongruence of federal controlled substance law with the various state efforts to decriminalize and legalize marijuana and legally regulate the cannabis industry, which presents especially tricky provision for non-citizens, and their counsel, to navigate and understand.

The webinar can be found here (for AILA members).