If returning to your country of origin makes you afraid for the safety of yourself or your family, you may be able to obtain lawful status in the United States through a grant of asylum. This holds true if your fear is based on one or more of several different reasons, including: race, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, political beliefs, membership in a particular social group, and possibly domestic abuse.

A History of Precedent-Setting Results in Complex Asylum Cases

Some people who have legitimate grounds for seeking asylum in the United States can obtain approval of their application at little or no cost by using the legal services of a non-profit agency familiar with handling less complicated asylum cases. Our firm often works with such agencies, providing crucial legal support to the advocates.

At Van Der Hout LLP, our focus and expertise lies with cases that are more complex and difficult. As a firm, we have established a long track record of successful and precedent-setting results in federal litigation involving asylum issues.

In these more complex and difficult cases—whether they involve criminal convictions, allegations that the asylum seeker previously engaged in acts of persecution themselves, or where the persecution is more subtle and less easily demonstrated—our lawyers have had great success on behalf of many of our clients. We also help our clients apply for residency after successful asylum applications.

However, there are never any guarantees when dealing with the USCIS or the federal courts. In addition to asylum, our attorneys can also help you obtain protection from return to a country in which you fear harm by applying for:

Contacting Our Office

For answers to your questions about U.S. immigration law and the requirements for obtaining a grant of asylum—call us at 415-981-3000 or email our office to schedule an appointment. Initial consultations are provided at a rate discounted from our standard fee.

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