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Temporary Protected Status offers individuals from certain countries a TEMPORARY way to stay in the United States as an alternative to asylum. However, as the name clearly implies, TPS is only a short term solution, and it is available only to applicants from a few selected countries.

At Van Der Hout LLP, we assist clients in the Bay Area and throughout California who qualify to apply for this option. Our attorneys also provide guidance after an application has received approval so that our clients are aware of exactly what they need to do to remain here on a permanent basis.

What Is Temporary Protected Status?

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a temporary immigration status granted to eligible nationals of designated countries. TPS beneficiaries will not be required to leave the United States (while TPS remains valid) and may obtain work authorization for the initial TPS period and for any extensions of the designation. TPS does not lead to permanent resident status. When the U.S. government terminates a TPS designation, beneficiaries will return to the same immigration status they had before TPS (unless that status has expired or has been terminated) or to any other status they may have been granted while in TPS.

You may currently be eligible for Temporary Protected Status if you are from El Salvador, Honduras, Burundi, Liberia, Somalia, Sudan, or Nicaragua and do not have any felony or more than two misdemeanor convictions.

Contacting Our Bay Area Law Offices

If Temporary Protected Status currently applies to your country of origin (whether or not you are seeking asylum in the United States) — call or contact an immigration attorney directly at our San Francisco, California, law offices to schedule an appointment. Initial consultations are provided at a rate discounted from our standard fee.

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