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USCIS Announces New Process for Green Card Extension While I-90 Is Pending

USCIS Announces New Process for Green Card Extension While I-90 Is Pending
March 4, 2021
USCIS has implemented a new process extending green cards during the pendency of an I-90 application. Instead of issuing extension stickers at USCIS field offices, USCIS will issue a revised receipt notice for Form I-90 that extends the validity of green card for 12 months (12 months from the expiration date on the front of the green card). This change in policy eliminates the need for permanent residents to request and appear at an InfoPass appointment to obtain an extension sticker. More importantly, the change provides permanent residents who have pending applications with documentary evidence of employment authorization, authorization to travel, and identity. The extension sticker will still be required for those who already filed their I-90 applications and who have already been scheduled for biometrics notices; these individuals will be given the sticker when they appear for their appointments. Those few permanent residents who already attended biometrics appointments before the new policy went into effect will still have to request an InfoPass appointment to get an I-551 stamp in their passport if they need to travel abroad.
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