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Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Garland v. Aleman Gonzalez

Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Garland v. Aleman Gonzalez
January 15, 2022

On January 11, 2022, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Garland v. Aleman Gonzalez. The case is a class action lawsuit, and attorneys at Van Der Hout LLP, including Marc Van Der Hout, Johnny Sinodis, and Rebecca Kutlow, are part of the team representing individuals in the Aleman Gonzalez class. So far in the case, our arguments have won in the courts. Under the current injunction affirmed in the Ninth Circuit, class members can obtain an individualize bond hearing with an immigration judge after being detained for 180 days. Class members who get this right to a hearing include noncitizens who are subject to final administrative orders of removal and have live claims pending before an administrative or judicial adjudicative body (for example, those applying for withholding of removal or CAT only). We hope that the Supreme Court will agree, and allow those bond hearings to continue. Now that oral arguments have concluded, we expect the Supreme Court to decide whether the lower courts had the authority to grant class-wide injunctive relief and whether the government must continue to provide individualized bond hearings after 180 days in custody. A decision is expected before June of 2022.

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For more information about who may be a class member, see our previous posting here.

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