"I highly recommend this firm if you are struggling with any immigration issues. They specialize in very unique and complex cases. They go above and beyond the call of duty and treated our case as though they were personally fighting for a friend or family member. I am grateful for Zach, Amalia, and Ilyce for all of the tremendous support and hard work." - A. G. (07/30/2019)

" Having arrived in the US as a baby. I as a child grew up and embraced the American way of life..despite some hardships and minor setbacks I persevered and overcome those obstacles. That is until I was detained by ICE.. apparently permanent residency is not so "permanent". One does not think that growing up in a country especially one that is the epitome of freedom that those freedoms are easily and quite often taken. I was told that I would be deported back to a country that I only share a distant heritage. No family no support network despite my biological father being US army and a citizen (things were complicated to say the least). How does a system send a person back to something they do not or have not experienced since leaving as a 3 yr old child. I had given up hope... and then we found Zachary Nightingale... hope not only blossomed but today I am out of detention and with a renewed sense of faith in the system. I feel that I can breathe after having had to hold it for so long... thank you for giving my family and I a chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ." - B.K. (10/2/2018)

"I became a U.S. citizen this week. I would like to express my sincere thanks for helping me through this process. You have provided me with the best guidance and representation possible." - S.V. (1/21/2017)

"Zach is definitely the best. Lorena is excellent and very professional. I put my faith in Zach and his team and they delivered. They will not disappoint you. Zach you are my hero! Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family!" - P.M. (Ukiah, California)

"Zach Nightingale is the best immigration attorney on the West Coast. I am a witness to that. He was a very helpful, knowledgeable, professional attorney that helped me from the moment I walked into his office. He kept my hopes positive when I felt hopeless and fought for me until the end. He is a righteous attorney for the people-the kind of attorney that never gives up and believes in everybody's human rights. I can honestly say 'Zach Nightingale is the best in the West." - A.O.E.

"Zack Nightingale helped my family during a very difficult time. He took our immigration case when everyone else was declining to help. He has fought for us, and because of his advocacy, my mom and I have been able to stay in the US for an additional six years. I was able to finish high school and go on to attend college, the University of California, Sanata Barbara. Without Zack and his team, I do not know where we would be. We are truly grateful for all their good work." - L.A.

"Zachary Nightingale, nos ayudo cuando pensábamos que nuestro caso estaba perdido y con una Orden de Deportación. Fue preciso y eficaz en su trabajo. Todo un profesional y un equipo de trabajo de primera clase." - I.Z y J.N.

"After 14 years, after losing all the hopes I had in this world and having my case denied many times, I came to Van Der Hout LLP and your office took my case from impossible to possible. Even though I was cautioned at my consultation that it would be a very challenging case, you gave me a ray of hope, and now, on February 3, 2017, I am finally a permanent resident." - J.S. (2/3/2017)

"Ms. [Stacey] Gartland is the epitome of professionalism and ability. Had a difficult case and she guided us through it with ease. Cannot recommend her more highly."

"Stacey Gartland was prepared and reviewed all my documents before meeting with me. She asked me a series of questions and I was surprised by how knowledgeable she was about visa / immigration laws. She answered all my questions during my one hour lunch break (I know she would have spent longer with me, if I wasn't in such a hurry) and I left feeling very empowered knowing that if I wished to stay in America there are many options to make it legally possible. I am in awe of how professional, educated and articulate Stacey is and admire people who choose a career that's motivated by helping people. Even though I love California, I decided not to stay and I'm no longer afraid of lawyers!"